About bioplastics.online

Bioplastics.online is an initiative of Helian Polymers BV, a Polymer trading house, based in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Helian Polymers was established in 2011 and has its roots in the masterbatch and bioplastic industry, serving the Dutch and Belgium plastics market.

In 2013 Helian Polymers started a new activity developing materials for the FFF 3D Printing process. Under the brand name colorFabb a broad portfolio of both optical / esthetical and functional 3D Printing filaments have been launched since 2013, building a global network of customers and distributors in the shortest possible timeframe.

In 2015 colorFabb became a separate entity and now runs a sophisticated infrastructure including cloud based ERP + web shop operated by a team of 18 people including its own warehousing and logistics department that delivers worldwide.

This business model and infrastructure will be part of bioplastics.online as well. The founder of Heilan Polymers BV, Ruud Rouleaux, has a background in bioplastics since 2004, working with many biopolymers and developing colorants and additives for bioplastics as well.

In the same way as Helian Polymers has developed colorFabb.com, we intent to provide the plastics market with a platform about bioplastics, where plastics professional can source various polymers and compounds in a transparent and easy way, giving access to all the relevant documents for each materials provided by our material partners.

We sincerely hope you enjoy bioplastics.online and we would welcome your feedback.

Yours truly


Ruud Rouleaux

Email: r.rouleaux@helianpolymers.com